Latest Scrap Car Prices in Mississauga

Scrap Car Prices in Mississauga

The market for scrap cars in Mississauga is influenced by various factors including metal prices, the condition of the vehicle, and current demand in the recycling industry. If you have an old car that’s reached the end of its life, then you should try to sell it as soon as possible. This article will help you understand the factors that affect Junk car prices and how to get the best value for your vehicle.

Factors Affecting Scrap Car Prices

  1. Metal Prices
    • The primary determinant of scrap car prices is the value of scrap metal. Cars contain a significant amount of steel, aluminum, and other metals, which are recycled and sold. Global market trends for these metals can cause fluctuations in prices.
  2. Vehicle Condition
    • The overall condition of the car, including whether it is running or not, plays a crucial role. Some scrap yards may pay higher prices for a car in better condition because some parts can be salvaged and resold.
  3. Weight and Size
    • The weight of the car directly correlates with the amount of metal that can be recycled. Heavier vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs, typically offer more value than smaller cars.
  4. Year, Make, and Model

Current Trends in Mississauga

In 2024, the scrap car market in Mississauga has seen a slight uptick due to rising metal prices. With increased demand for recycled materials in various industries, scrapyards are willing to pay more for old vehicles. However, this trend is subject to change based on global economic conditions.

Scrap Car Prices in Mississauga

Here are the estimated Scrap Car Prices in Mississauga:

Vehicle TypeConditionAverage Price (CAD)
Small CarsPoor$200 – $800
Small CarsGood$400 – $1,600
Mid-sized CarsPoor$300 – $2,500
Mid-sized CarsGood$500 – $2,800
SUVs and TrucksPoor$400 – $3,700
SUVs and TrucksGood$700 – $4,200
Luxury VehiclesPoor$500 – $4,900
Luxury VehiclesGood$900 – $5,500


The scrap car prices are always influenced by vehicle condition, metal prices, weight and size, make and model, and various other factors. One can estimate the car prices by looking at our well-detailed article.

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